Avoiding Bad Social Media Actions During a Divorce

For a lot of people, social media provides a sequential preview of the ups and downs of their lives. Social media enables people to share times of celebration for important occasions such as graduation pictures and birth announcements. Social media can also help spread details and positive wishes for the safety and health of the person during serious illness or emergencies.  

Though a couple of major live events are worth sharing on social media, some are better left unpublished. One major example is the details of a divorce.  

Social media could be an excellent channel to express topics ranging from frustrating neighbors to stressful traffic jams. However, sharing details about the divorce or criticizing your ex-partner can come back to damage you.  

Once you’ve hired Dallas Texas divorce lawyers for your divorce, here are several things you should avoid doing on your social media: 

Allowing Your Friends to Publish Details About Your Life 

During a divorce, your friends can be an ideal source of comfort. Unfortunately, they can damage your case as well if they publish detail about your life or criticize your ex-spouse. While they may have the ideal intentions, you’ve got to ensure you inform your closest friends about this to avoid issues down the line. 

Posting About New Purchases or Talking About Financial Details 

Are you thrilled about the latest tech gadget you just purchased from an online shop? Are you happy about the money you obtained from selling your bag collection online? An influx of money or evidence of a costly purchase might influence the calculation of alimony or child support the court will determine you can receive or pay.  

Talking About New Romantic Relationships 

You need to keep private new relationships you might have until the divorce is final. This evidence can be utilized as proof of an affair even if your relationship did not start until after the marriage ended. It is always ideal to keep your new romantic relationship under wraps during the divorce.  

Posting Photos or talking About Alcohol Use or Drugs 

Evidence of alcohol or drug use can be utilized against you as proof of you being an unfit individual. A judge can easily take it out of context even casual photos of you sharing a beer with your friends during a football match. Thus, you should always be extremely cautious if someone wants to take a photo of you drinking alcohol. 

Deleting Social Media Activity 

Almost every individual likes to believe that it disappears forever once they delete a post from social media. Unfortunately, the act of deleting convicting posts can be held against you. They will consider this as an inference of guilt or destruction of evidence. In addition to that, you should know that it isn’t possible to delete permanently your social media activity from a professional computer technician. 

Disparaging Your Partner  

Though complaining about your partner on social media can be liberating, it can also lead to disasters. This is particularly true if the comments are threatening, false, or criticize his or her capability of being a parent. You shouldn’t post anything about your partner during a divorce 

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