Know Your Enemy: Insects That Attack Avocado Trees

Avocados are known all over the world, East and West, and it has been one of the popular ingredients of different cuisines, from the Avocado toast to Avocado ice cream — everyone is just fascinated with how healthy avocado fruits can be. 

While others are fond of seeing the fruit and exploiting its nutrients, others take fancy on taking care of the tree alone, appreciating the shades it provides. Regardless of how you would like your avocado trees to be used, there are things you need to do and learn if you want to maximize all the benefits and it can provide to you. If you are looking for a tree service in Oakland that can provide all the necessary information about insects that harm your trees and fruits, fret not, there are many on the list. Also, this is the very thing we will provide you with this article.  

1.Long-tailed Mealybugs 

There are many species and kinds of mealybugs that attack avocadoes, but this specific kind, the long-tailed mealybugs are the kinds that really fully infest the trees, and it takes a serious management plan to take care of these pests. 

There are several ways that these species infest and cause harm to your avocado trees. They feed on the phloem sap that can eventually damage the trees until it starts to die. However, there are also trees that can survive the infestation, although damage can be great that it could affect the tree’s ability to bear fruit.  

2.Avocado Thrips  

These species were first seen and discovered in California in 1996 and has been widely spread in the state since then.  

Some of the characteristics of avocado thrips include red dots in between their eyes while having a yellow-brown color in the whole body. These features can make them easily distinguished from the other pests and makes it easy for treatment.  

These pests are mostly seen infesting on the undersides of younger fruits and leaves. You can identify if there is an infestation id there is a presence of feeding behavior.  

3.Avocado Lace Bug 

These pests are specifically attackers of avocado trees. Unlike other pests, these insects are too small, measuring up to only two millimeters in length. They can be a little bit difficult to notice the threats because they can leave and infest on the underside of the leaves, although further and more serious damage many include the other parts like the stems and others. When they feed and infect your plants, they usually leave black spots.  

All they do is to suck out the nutrients from the plants and leaves since these pests do have piercing-sucking mouthparts.  

4.Orange Tortrix 

These pests do not just attack avoid, but they also attack grape vines too. Since their damage can be severe, the management plans also important too.  

These pests are characterized by brown and orange colors and they can be up to 1/2 inches long. They have V-shaped marking on wings that easily distinguish them from the other pests.  

If you are suspecting some infestation on your avocado trees, you need to contact and hire professional services for proper and informed diagnoses and treatment.