Getting a Massage During Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s very unnerving and stressful to live through a pandemic. Because of this, it’s only normal for people to crave a relaxing massage to help get rid of the tension. Since a lot of areas in the United States no longer have Coronavirus restrictions nowadays, a couple of individuals might want to act on that urge.  

However, while getting a massage is now technically allowed, is it a wise move to do it? 

Well, the answer depends on a lot of factors. It is ideal to lower close contact with other people as much as possible if you’re frequently in contact with someone who is high-risk or if you’re high-risk yourself.  

On the other hand, you’ve got to take proper precautions if you want to take massage therapy in San Diego. Here are some of them: 

Do Not Get a Massage If You Are Sick 

Cancel your massage therapy right away if you’re feeling under the weather or if you have even the slightest symptoms of the virus.  

Any possible Coronavirus symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, a cough, chills, or fever are enough to warrant cancellation. You should also do this if you’re feeling other types of illnesses such as general cold or flu. 

Think About Skipping the Essential Oils 

Perhaps it is ideal to skip aromatic massage oils when getting therapy. The reason for this is that they smell so refreshing that you might be encouraged to deeply breathe it in. However, that is perhaps not the ideal thing to do during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The virus is mainly transmitted from one person to another via respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing. You’re only improving your possibilities of inhaling those respiratory droplets if you take in deep breaths.  

Choose a Location that Lowers Your Exposure 

Another vital factor to consider when getting massage therapy is to choose a great place to get the treatment. This is particularly true since not every spa is made the same.  

One general rule to follow is that the safest option you have is to get a massage at your own house. The reason for this is that your house is probably smaller compared to a spa studio. 

Basically, if there are a lot of people around, the chances of having someone who’s infected increase. Thus, your best bet is to limit your exposure.  

You should ask your local massage studio if they do house calls if you want to make an at-home appointment.  

Wear Face Mask All the Time 

You need to wear a face mask at all times during the therapy. It does not matter if you are facing down. Aside from that, the massage therapist should also wear one.  

A lot of people think that the purpose of wearing mask is to protect themselves. That’s why a lot of them take their chances. However, the truth is that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others. That’s why you should wear it all the time.