Gutter Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Life

The gutter cleaning Surrey BC is able to provide you the safest and most efficient methods of cleaning your gutters, recognizing the fact that safety practices have not been applied. This happens especially when homeowners try to clean their own roof without being knowledgeable on how to do it. 

According to experts, most homeowners clean their gutter especially during fall to prepare their roof for the winter, or rainy season; otherwise, there would be blockage and rainwater would not flow easily, leaving your roof damaged.  

When doing the cleaning, it is important to do it as safe to avoid accidents and injuries. The following are the safety tips we gathered for you: 

1.Protect your face and body 

  • The following are the things you need to do to equip yourself: 
  • Protect your eyes to avoid getting disturbed and be caught off guard whenever there is wasp, bees, birds, rats, and frogs on the roof 
  • Use gloves to protect your hands from dirt and grime on the roof, including rotting leaf and droppings from different kinds of animals 
  • Gloves can also protect you from sharp objects and debris. Rubber gloves can be torn by metal shards. Leather gloves can be difficult to use. Cotton gloves can get easily soaked that will expose your skin to bacteria 
  • It is recommended that you use the thick, suede glove material as it is the most ideal among the four glove options 

2.Practice Ladder Safety 

The following are the tips on how you can prepare and use your ladder on cleaning the gutter: 

  • Tell the people around you that you will be using the ladder for cleaning to orient them about the project 
  • Use a steady ladder and ascertain that it is secured with a lanyard 
  • Moving the ladder during extensive cleaning might cause muscle fatigue, and may cause you to lose balance on the top. Be cautious. 
  • If the ladder is fastened with bolts and screws, make sure that each of them is tightened.  
  • Fiberglass is the heaviest and may provide balance but is is the heaviest and may cause exhaustion 
  • Inspect the ladder for defects before using 
  • Do not use a wooden ladder 
  • Makes sure that the arms are fully extended before using 

3. Use your garden hose 

The following is how to use your garden hose to clean the gutter: 

Choose a hard hose that has a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle to help you adjust the water pressure with ease. It can also be hanged whenever you need to rest or do something with both hands. It is also widely available in the market 

4. Use rubber shoes 

The following explains why rubber shies are the most appropriate shoes to wear: 

  • It prevents slip and fall incidents 
  • It is comfortable to use 

Other things you need to consider: 

  • Avoid cleaning the roof when it is wet and damped 
  • Use plastic scoops for getting leaves 


If you are not comfortable with your ability to clean the roof, it is always okay, and in fact, more recommended that you hire a professional cleaner to avoid getting into accidents and experiencing injuries.